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DUI Checkpoints

DUI Roadblocks

DUI checkpoints, or DUI roadblocks, are pre-planned DUI traffic stops designed to lawfully stop drunk drivers and drivers impaired on drugs alone, or a combination of drugs and alcohol. These DUI checkpoints must be conducted within stated lawful guidelines, and must be carried out safely and orderly. Safety checkpoints can be set up without pre-planning if the police have a legitimate reason to believe a serious crime was committed in the area, and the goal of the roadblock is to apprehend suspects. Not every state uses DUI law checkpoints – a dozen states have ruled that these roadblocks are illegal. Our veteran DUI lawyers practice criminal law in all checkpoint states, and are fully prepared to defend against illegal DUI checkpoint stops and arrests.

DUI Checkpoints - DUILawyer.Info

Sobriety checkpoints are usually set up during major holidays, mainly late at night, and in areas of town that have a high concentration of bars and restaurants. As you approach a police checkpoint you may believe it is an accident scene. DUI task forces try to set up visual signs that a roadblock is ahead – you may see orange cones, a lighted sign that says “Security Checkpoint Ahead,” one or more police cars with lights on, and maybe a police van.

As cars enter the roadblock, police officers stop each vehicle and ask the driver to roll down the window and offer their driver’s license and proof of insurance. If an officer detects the smell of alcohol or other drugs, you may be asked to pull over to the side of the road where another officer may begin a DUI investigation. As part of the investigation, you may be asked to blow into a portable breath test machine, or PBT. If the breath test results are above the state’s minimum acceptable blood alcohol content level, you will be asked to get out of your car for further roadside testing, including submitting to VOLUNTARY field sobriety tests.

DUI checkpoint law is a highly specialized field and requires skillfull defenses tactics to secure a favorable outcome. Your constitutional rights and freedom are at stake, including the right to drive. In your local court of law, one of our veteran DUI attorneys will deploy every legal strategy to counter-attack the State’s case.