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DUI Penalties

DUI Consequences

Many people who are arrested for drunk driving are shocked to learn what a “mess” they are facing. DUI penalties are designed to teach offenders a harsh lesson. State legislatures have increasingly passed laws to make DUI offenders pay a high price. The idea is for the multiple penalties for DUI to be painful enough to keep you from driving under the influence again.

DUI Penalties Georgia

When a judge hands down DUI sentencing in your DUI case, he or she may be simply following the State DUI laws. In most states, minimum mandatory punishment must follow a DUI conviction. With pressure from groups like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and Students Against Drunk Drivers (SADD), DUI judges and DUI prosecutors are under constant pressure to not reduce DUI cases, and to make an impact on the drunken driver or drugged driver.

Never make the mistake of simply “accepting” a conviction on your record for impaired driving. Just like with a serious MEDICAL issue, see a trained and experienced professional who makes his or her living FIGHTING for clients, to AVOID a DUI conviction.